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Sosouleca Shopping List

You’ve got plans to eat, and to do that without frustration? Typically a person buys food now, and then some to store on the side for later without having to break the bank. In the food world there's well, a lot of food. With so many choices, allow me to give you the pleasure of my very own shopping lists! I’ve talked to a number of people on a daily basis, who always seem to struggle to find the right foods, they don’t want to always spend a lot of money, or they just want something short and sweet to get them by. I like to cook and be creative. I like healthy foods. It brings value to me when I can take my time and really dig deep into my flavor. Anyone could be getting off work stressed, picking up their kids from school, or have dinner plans last minute with nothing to work with and prepare. Have no fear, Sosouleca's choice product lists are here!

This shopping list for this week is for the young adult, the restless dweller, or the shopper looking for more insight to add to their own lists. Short, simple, and sweet. Random disclaimer: I’m not in any way going to “plug” these name brand products. I hope you understand the general idea. This week I didn't have a lot of money. I'm kind of stressed from work, and I only have so much cash to work with until next pay day. I have food on standby in my freezer, but I have just finished off my breakfast, snack and side dish materials for my dinners. I ask myself, what do I need? Confidence kicks in!

I arrive at the store and immediately march to the produce section with a basket in hand. Setting sites for the cherry tomatoes. I love to pallet juicy, sweet, acidic flavors. Cherry tomatoes are a cute fun little topping that pairs well with anything I make. Just like baby bell peppers! Which I snagged as well. I also needed a base veggie, nothing better than having a classic spring mix of fresh greens to add with any dish on the side. That's it, all the veggies I could ever want at this moment.

I’m also thinking about breakfast. I look no further and set sight on a hefty bag of everything bagels, and round sourdough bread for breakfast sandwiches. To compliment my toast in the morning I choose shredded thick medium cheddar cheese, and dainty shredded Swiss will also do. That's just the base and topping. I needed something to put in between, so I made my way through the store and picked up a carton of eggs. I even found a crumbly breakfast sausage because I want a little extra these next two weeks to toss around in a pan and have on the side. With a few extra chocolate cherry granola bars, my favorite chili lime corn chips for a snack on the go. Last but not least, I can't leave without a case of watermelon sparkling soda water to quench my thirst.

How did we do? I was only in the store for 15 minutes. I hadn’t lost my mind or lost the train of thought. My spending wasn’t too steep. For only $50 dollars, it isn’t a very pricey list at all. Maybe the eggs are pricey, but it feels tame! I’ve gotten enough variety here to satisfy my urge to live, eat, and fill some space in my fridge. We’re ready to thrive!

The Shopping list condensed:

  • Cherry Tomatoes - $2.50

  • Baby Bell Peppers - $3.99

  • Spring Mix - $3.99

  • Everything Bagels - $2.49

  • Sourdough Toast Rounds - $4.99

  • Breakfast Pork Sausage - $2.99

  • Shredded Thick Cut Medium Cheddar Cheese - $2.99

  • Shredded Swiss - $2.99

  • Carton of 12 Eggs - $4.29

  • Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars - $3.49

  • Chili Lime Corn Chips - $3.99

  • 8 PK Watermelon Soda Water - $4.59

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